Sunday, August 12, 2012

Morning Routine Cards for Kids

Routine Chart for Kids

With the 4th baby on the way and the other 3 all going to school this fall, I needed to come up with a way to keep everyone organized and out the door on time in the morning! I started looking for just plan routine cards to help the kids visually see what they have to do but then I came across some more ideas! I happen to have everything at home already so I didn't need to buy anything. There are so many things you can do to add to and customize this chart for your family!! * Sorry for the poor picutres. Blogger isn't uploading very well right now. Click on the picture to see it bigger and clearer.

I will be using this chart as a reward chart as well. The first row of cards is their morning routine. The second row is their after school routine. The third row is their chore for the day. When they finish a row that they are suppose to be on without me asking them too, then they earn a 10 minute card. They can use this on video games, TV time, extra play time, etc...

Break Down
Total Cost: me, nothing. I had it all on hand.
Total Time: 2 hours with 3 kids interuppting! Mostly cutting time.

Hanging Chart Holder
Scrapbook Paper
Printer with paper and ink
Glue Stick
*Laminating Sheets*

How To:

Sorry the picture is awful! Blogger is having a hard time right now! Click on the picture to see it bigger and clearer.
Print out the routine cards here Routine Cards. They are from someone else so don't be surprised when you don't see my name. If you would like to do the 10 minute reward cards, print them out here 10 minute reward cards  ** The printouts are hosted on It might say you need to pay a membership fee. I didn't. Look for the "download for free" button. Then all you have to do is upload a document of any sort ( I uploaded an old recipie) and then it will let you print all you want for free!

Next glue them on to any color scrapbook paper, cardstock you wish. I used my kids favorite colors.

Now cut them out.
* I will be using a laminator to keep them durable but it's not here right now and I wanted to get this project done now. So, I suggest to make things easier with less cutting, once you glue the cards on the scrapbook paper, put it through the laminator then cut them out. I will now have to cut them a third time once I get my laminator back! Cutting was the most time consumming part of this project!*

Once he does it all without me asking, he gets a 10 minute reward card. I have them put their cards in a pile on the top row as they finish them.

Again, I'm sorry fo rthe poor photos! I'm really frustrated with Blogger right now. There is some kind of bug and it's making it difficult to post right now! Click on the pictures to see them bigger and clearer.

I hope you find this chart useful!! There are so many things you can do with it! You can have a night time routine card set. You can include more chores, rewards, etc!

If you don't have a hanging chart:
You can use a magnet strip. You can buy them at Staples. Then you just stick small magnets on the back and hang them on the magnet strip! Or hang them on a magnetic white board!

You can put velcro on the them and hang them on a velcro strip!

You can punch a hole in the top and hang them on little cup hooks!

So many different ideas!

Please post your thoughts and ideas! Someone might love them!

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  1. Good ideas! And interestingly, I have a Tanner (1), and a Koltin (8), too! :)