Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Entryway Organization for Kids

My kid are 6, 4, and 2. Now that 2 of them are in school we have a lot of stuff that needs to go in and out! I am the kind of person who needs to be organized and have everything ready for the next morning so that it all flows smoothly. It was kind of expensive but but worth it in the end!

                  Time consuming, needed that second person to help make sure everything was even and that the layout looked ok from a far.

                  From Wal-Mart:
                                      Martha Stewart wall organizers $14.99 each
                                      Monkey hooks (the little "as seen on TV" hooks that go through
                                      drywall so you don't need a molly) LOVE THEM!

                           From Staples:
                                       7" x 11" combination white board ( or anyone you like) $15 each

                                         I already had a ton of scrap booking paper to use behind their names.
                                         printed pictures out on my printer
                                         push pins, magnets all junk from around my house


                  1. Stand back and picture how you want it to look! It can be any combination
                               you want!
                          2.  I used a laser picture hanger thingy to make sure all the hooks would go in
                          3.  I hung the organizers first and worked my way up. 
                          4. The boards came with 3M sticky squares to hang with, so I used those.
                          5. I use google calenders so I just printed their personal calenders and hung them
                              on there with push pins. Now I only have to print a new one each month!
                         6.  I personalized them with magnets of things that they like!


           I really like all things about this! It's functional and the kids like it! It looks nice too!

           Nothing really. It can get cluttered if you let it.

** This is the one I found on Pinterest that gave me my inspiration:

This is what I did:

Post your comments and ideas for everyone to read! I would like to hear and see what you did different!



  1. This looks awesome, I love it! I'm looking at doing the exact same thing but haven't been able to find the hanging file storage that you found at Wal-Mart...I checked out WalMart.com and didn't see it either. I'm going to keep looking! Nice job with this!

    1. Wal-Mart stopped carrying the organizers. I'm so bummed! But I've been told that there are some similar to these at the Container Store online. Glad you like this!

  2. I searched a lot for these organizers, couldn't find anywhere! Any link for it??

  3. I searched a lot for these organizers, couldn't find anywhere! Any link for it??