Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Baby Doll Diapers

My 2 year old daughter recently started using all her diapers to put on her dolls. Although it was very cute, she was wasting diapers which are expensive. So to pinterest I went and this is what I found.

                   So easy!!!! So cheap!!! I do recommend sewing the Velcro on. The sticker Velcro just
                  doesn't hold. Fits almost all her dolls. You can tweak the pattern a little to adjust the
                  size as needed.

                           Loop and hook ribbon (Velcro) about $4/yard
                           Felt 12 x 8.5 pieces. Any color you want. $0.24/each
                           Diaper pattern found here     
                           Sewing machine or hand sew


                        1. Fold felt squares in half
                        2. Print out diaper pattern on card stock and cut out
                        3. Lay pattern on fold (as shown above) and cut out pattern
                      4. Open felt, like above.
                      5. Cut Velcro. Scratchy side into small 1" squares. Soft side into a strip about 1.5".

                        6. Place Velcro as shown above
                        7. Sew the Velcro into place. (my mom did mine)

Now you have cute, cheap and quick and easy baby doll diapers!!

              I like that they are cheap enough to loose! I also like that you can have a variety of colors!!
              The Pinterest post I got this from have wonderful prints!!! I looked into it and there is
              nowhere in my county to get printed felt. But I found it online at : Hobby Lobby.
             ADORABLE prints there!!

             I haven't had them very long but I think the felt will probably get "pilly". But like I said, cheap
             enough to make more!

Here is the picture I went off of:


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