Friday, February 3, 2012

Valentine's Day Clothes Pin Pot

I came across this on Pinterest and thought it was so cute and so easy!

Details: Very easy and very cheap to make! Something that the younger kids could make too!

                      Walmart and home: total= under $4!!
              Empty and cleaned out tuna cans. I used the smaller one but the bigger size will do.
                     20 clothes pins (for the smaller can)- about $3 for a pack of 100
                     Paint of any color - I had on hand
                     Soil (only about 1cup)- free if you use dirt outside
                     Seeds or plants of your choice- seeds are cheap or replant an outside flower

                1. Paint clothes pins any color you wish! You can paint the whole pin inside and out
                            or just the outsides, up to you.

                       2. Pin them on the can. You might want to poke small holes in the bottom of the can
                          for watering.   ( I forgot to!)

3. Put your soil in and plant your seeds!!

Likes: I loved that this was so easy!! The kids had a blast painting and pinning! Now they get to watch their plants grow! There is so much you can do to change this up. Paint Christmas or Halloween colors, use glitter, write love notes on each clothes pin. The creativity is endless!!!

Dislikes/Changes: Not much to change!

The one I saw I Pinterest didn't paint the clothes pin, it look really nice still. They also showed using it as a votive holder.

Create your own master piece and share with us!!

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