Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Bling Shoes

I saw these on Pinterest and thought "oh no, way to much for a little girl!" As I continued to scroll through Pinterest, I kept coming across them. They soon began to grow on me and I wanted them for my daughter! * Lightbulb!* Another Adventures in Pinterestig project!

About $26 to make
Time consuming- about 1 hour
Not to difficult if you can deal with tiny pieces


Shoes- I love Converse! $17.99 Target
Bling- I used Bling on a Roll by Recollections. $4 Michaels
Ribbon- of your choice. $1 Michaels
Amazing Goop- borrowed mine

Clean the rubber where the bling will go. I used soap and water. Rubbing alcohol might work well too. Makes sure it's really dry.

Put your bling on. The Bling on a roll are jewels with a tacky back, all connected. I actually used this as a cheat! I just pealed and placed! They sticky is pretty gooey and they aren't moving very easy BUT I have not let her wear them yet! So, I used the Amazing Goop on the 2nd row (second as in second strip) down. I just squeezed a strip of Goop and placed the bling on top.
**Here lies the frustrating part. Making the bling look good and line up. Different size shoes will line up differently. My shoes were Toddler 6. Towards the bottom I cut the jewels into singles and placed them where they looked good and fit. I used the toothpicks to help place them.  It took time and patience's! And by all means, it's not perfect!

Thread the ribbon for laces. This is an option. Of course the ribbon will bunch up, get dirty, come un-tied a million times a day, but it's up to you!! It does look adorable!!
*Now, this project is in no way useful, needed, super easy, cheap or practical but it does look cute! Not one of my favorite projects but I tried it and probably won't do it again.
* There is special glue, tools and more expensive quality jewels out there but I wasn't doing this to resale and make money. I did these to try out and give my daughter some cute shoes that she LOVES! They grow out of them before they even wear them out!!
* So have fun. Put bling all over the shoes if you want! You can be as creative as you like!!

The Pinterest inspiration:                                                    What I did:
(This one did not have the original
website attached to it.)
Famous Footwear has cute converse for cheap.


  1. cute!! You did a great job...Aisha

  2. I Love these .. I was actually wondering if I could use the bling roll to do this !!! You have me sold..