Monday, January 30, 2012

Little Girls Bed Canopy with Lights

I think this was my very first Pinterest project!! I made this Nov 2011 for my 2 year old daughter. I had 2 boys first so my poor daughter is just consumed with everything girly! I don't think she minds! I will tell you how I made it but you can substitute just about any part. Again, I'm not very creative so you might come up with a better idea! Read the whole blog before you buy anything. At the end of the directions, I add "likes, dislikes, problems, improvements". All the after thoughts of the project. And of course add your comments! Tell others your creative notes about this project! Last note: In the future I will include better step by step photos.


Details: No sewing needed. Under $30, some items on sale. Check thrift stores!

Materials: Hula Hoop- Wal-mart about $7-$10
                 3 Sheer Curtains- Wal-Mart  about $5-$10
                 short strand of florescent Christmas lights (it was right before Christmas)
                 8 24" strings of strong holding fishing line- Walmart about $3
                 Hook for hanging- Walmart about $3
                 Spool of 1" white satin ribbon- Walmart about $2

                 1.  I wrapped the hula hoop with the white satin ribbon. I didn't attach it anywhere except the beginning and end. I secured the ends with scotch tape because it's clear. I didn't wrap it "perfect". Some areas the ribbon is closer together then others but I have never noticed since I put it up.

                2.  If you choose to have lights, wrap them around the hula hoop. Remember to leave enough slack to plug them in or just know that you will need an extension cord. I used florescent lights so that they can be left on for long periods of time, they don't get hot to the touch and they aren't very bright. She can sleep with them on or read a book.

                3.  Tie the fishing line around the hula hoop in about 8 spots, trying to evenly space it out. You can make the lengths of the fishing line as long or as short as you need for hanging it above the bed. I knew I didn't want it touching the ground and I didn't want her to be able to reach and hang from the hula hoop!

              4. Gather all the fishing line, pull and hold them up above the hula hoop and tie them together in a knot close the ends of them. Make sure they are all even. Sorry I don't have pictures. I decided to do this blog long after I did this project. This is where I had the hardest time. I couldn't make mine even enough. It took forever! I'm sure there are easier ways to do this but never having done this, this is what I came up with.

             5. My curtains had a sewn seam at the top and bottom. I threaded a piece of fishing line, about 12" long, through the top seams of all the curtains (together on one string), held both ends of the string in one hand and "pushed" all the curtains together. You want the curtains to gather into a "circle". Kind of like if you had a hard shower curtain ring that you had to gather all the curtains on. Tie the line making sure it's tight.

             6. The gathered 8 pieces of tied fishing line from the hula hoop will go up through the center of the gathered curtain. The curtain will now hang and flow over the fishing line, down over the outside of the hoop!

             7. Hang from a hook in the ceiling!

** Now this is where I tell you the things I wish I could change about it and what doesn't work for me.**

            It moves a lot! If my daughter opens, pulls, closes or touches the curtain, the whole thing moves. Once it moves, the hula hoop hangs crooked. I do have it in the corner of the room up against the wall so I might take some extra fishing line and tie the hoop to the wall in couple of spots so it can't swing so much.
           Wish I had lights with white wire instead of green.

            I can keep the curtains open or close. Also I made it long enough to tuck behind her bed so it doesn't swing into her face.

Extras (after thoughts):
          You can always decorate the curtain, get colored sheer curtains. Or put weights in the seams on the bottom so it doesn't move so much. I also bought princess ribbon to sew onto the bottom of the curtain but never made it. There are soooo many things you can do to personalize it!! Have fun!!

This was like the one I saw on pinterest:

And this is what I came up with:

How different and creative can you get?!?!


  1. If you find an inconspicuous place on the hula hoop, poke a hole that reaches well into the hoop, and drain some of that liquid, I bet that will help stabilize the hula hoop's balance.

  2. theres no liquid in a hula hoop!THis is freat but theres such an easier way to do the habging in the center. Thanks for your idea though it was cute.

  3. Hi, I just saw this. I have a huge round bed and am desperate to have a canopy. Everything seems to be outside my budget.
    Question, if I bought several hoola hoops, cut them, then joined them (end to end) could I just make one gigantic hoola hoop, maybe insert thick wire inside to reinforce it then suspend from it from the ceiling using hooks, would it work? Hope you see this.

    1. Vanessa, I know that you can buy some hula hoops that are for traveling and break off into different sections! I bet if you brought a few of those you could fit them together to make a huge hoop that probably wouldn't need reinforcing or cutting and sticking them together!

    2. You can bend pvc into whatever size you want canopy.

  4. Little Girls Bed Canopy with Lights. I think this was my very first Pinterest project!! I made this Nov 2011 for my 2 year old daughter. I had 2 boys ...

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  6. You know I think this is an awesome idea. I made one like this when my daughter was little and she loved it.
    Thank you for sharing !

  7. You know I think this is an awesome idea. I made one like this when my daughter was little and she loved it.
    Thank you for sharing !

  8. i just bought a water hula hoop to do just this for my grand-daughters room in her new house will make it to match curtain i am making for the windows.... thinking of doing the icecicle lights inside ...i like this tutorial best of all.... thanks....